Letter from Hackney Board of Works confirming contributions by Stoke Newington and Hackney parishes

Richard Ellis

Clerk and Solicitor

Town Hall

Hackney, E

16 July 1888

Dear Sir

Clissold Park

In accordance with the Memorial presented to the Board by the Committee for the preservation of Clissold Park on the 13th June last the Board passed the following resolutions at their meeting held on the 11th instant.

“That the Board do contribute a further sum of £5,000, such sum to be borrowed under the provisions of the Clissold Park (Stoke Newington) Act and to be made chargeable to and payable by the Parish of Hackney”.

“That the necessary steps be taken to give effect to this resolution in conformity with the requirements of the Clissold Park Act”.

The matter now stands as follows:

The Board has agreed to contribute £10,000 chargeable to and payable by the Parish of Stoke Newington and £5,000 chargeable to and payable by the Parish of Hackney, subject to the provisions of the Act.

Will you be good enough to inform me what is the present position of the matter whether it is sufficiently ripe for the Board to make formal application to the Metropolitan Board of Works for the purpose of borrowing the money.

Yours faithfully

Richard Ellis

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