‘The Clissold-park swamp and swindle is re-started, this time with only half a nibble…’

08_06_1888 NEWS CLIPPING opposition [CHECKED]


Sir,—The Clissold-park swamp and swindle is re-started, this time with only half a nibble, £5,000 in lieu of £10,000. Does anyone sup-pose that, if we once let these vermin gorge on our Islington cheese, that they will cease scooping it out? They would be sure to ask for more.

The present attack is led by a clever man—for himself—who knows better, if he did not reside so close to Clissold-park. Do your readers see the significance of this? The trundlers of this pretty hoop, who set the wheel in motion, and lead the gambols, are just two or three residents on the extreme north-east border of Islington, in the vicinity of Clissold swamp, which is outside our district.

You will not find the bulk of the truly upright and independent householders in Highbury-quadrant and Highbury New-park backing up and subscribing to this scheme of nepotism and imposture. Islington is poorer than Thurso (on Crabster Roads) with its 3,800 inhabitants, or Bideford with its 6,500 inhabitants; they can afford a “penny rate” for the health of the minds of their inhabitants, but Islington said last year that she could not afford it; and yet now is asked to make a present of £5,000 to her neighbour—Stoke Newington!

It is like a man parading his £5 gift to the poor—or, more likely, “putting his name down”—at Exeter-hall, or the Mansion-house, and leaving his butterman’s bill unpaid. If charity begins at home, it is to be hoped that our Vestry will once more decline the invitation to start it at Stoke Newington.

I am, &c.,


11, Highbury-crescent N.

15th June, 1888.

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