Letter from South Hornsey Local Board confirming contribution of £6000

10_12_1887 LETTER South Hornsey Local Board [CHECKED].JPG

South Hornsey Local Board

(Clerks’ Department)

Offices, Milton Road

South Hornsey, N


6th December 1887

Re. Clissold Park

E. B. Bennett

The Board Meetings are held on
the First Wednesday in every Month
at 7.30 o’clock, pm.

Joseph Beck, Esq.
Barton House
Albion Road, Stoke Newington

Dear Sir

I am directed to acknowledge the receipt of the Memorial as to the above, signed by yourself on behalf of the Committee for the preservation of Clissold Park, and to inform you, that the same was submitted to the Meeting held on the 7th Inst. and then referred to a Committee of the whole Board for consideration.

I may mention, in connection with this matter, that there is a Motion pending, that this Board shall contribute a sum of £6000 towards the purchase of the Park

Yours truly

Edward B Bennett

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