Letter from John Runtz to Joseph Beck regarding South Hornsey

17_10_1887 LETTER JR copy

Telegraphic address

Birkbeck London

Birkbeck Bank

29& 30 Southampton Buildings

Chancery Lane, London WC

Telephone 2508


My dear Mr Beck

I have arranged with Mr Mellnish and his friends to meet them at my house on Thursday next at 8pm.

I have thus acted because Mellnish said it would be impossible to meet us either on Monday or Tuesday in this week and his board would expect a report at once.

I shall be careful not to [finch] the committee but shall endeavour to obtain a promise from Mr M and his colleagues to get £8350 from his board as the smallest contribution from South Hornsey.

It you see any objection to the postponed meeting let me know and I will countermand it; if I do not hear from you I shall assume you approve and the meeting will be held accordingly.

Yours truly

John Runtz

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