George Crawshay’s letter to Joseph Beck informing of sale of the park


Haughton Castle


2 May 1886

Dear Mr Beck

There is as yet no formal contract between the Ecc. Com. and myself, but an offer from me of the whole place Leasehold & Freehold will be laid before them very soon and I see no reason to doubt that it will be accepted.  As soon as there is a formal contract I will write to you.  In the mean time it would be very unadvisable for you to make any stir.  You must however see that this issue is better for the public than if I had sold it to a speculator, a consideration which has weighed much with me.

I hoped to have come to say good bye but I have had another very severe illness this winter and it is not likely that I shall undertake the journey.

With kind regards to you all – Believe me,

Yours sincerely

G Crawshay


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