South Hornsey Local Board letter to Joseph Beck

04_03_1886_LETTER South Hornsey Local Board to JB

South Hornsey Local Board

(Clerks’ Department)

Offices, Milton Road

South Hornsey, N

4th March 1886

Re. Clissold Park

E. B. Bennett

The Board Meetings are held on the First
Wednesday in every Month at 7.30 o’clock, pm.

Joseph Beck, Esq.
Barton House
Albion Road, Stoke Newington

Dear Sir

I have to acknowledge the receipt of yours of the 27th Inst. and in answer thereto have to say that as far as this Board is concerned, nothing has as yet been done with the Ecclesiastical Committee.

A Report by the Chairman and [W. Bernard] was submitted to this Board last evening in which is the following paragraph

“It has been suggested that this Board should try and obtain from the Ecclesiastical Committee, what their terms are for disposing of their interest; if this information could be obtained, Mr Crawshay could then say what he would be willing to take for the 17 acres:  seeing however that Mr Crawshay – the actual lessee – and Mr Beck’s Committee have failed in this, it is most improbable that this Board would succeed and it is submitted that it really is no use trying as the Board it is assumed has no intention of purchasing the ground, and therefore would have no locus standi before the Ecclesiastical Committee”

And the before mentioned Report concludes thus

“Under all the circumstances, it would seem that all this Board can do in the matter is, at the [present] time, to memorialize the Corporation of London to purchase the before mentioned 17 acres and reserve them as an open place for the benefit of the Public, as being really the only available spot near to, but not actually within the Metropolitan Area, and support such memorial on its presentation by a Deputation, and in this way not in conjunction with, and in support of Mr. Beck’s Committee.”

I may however add that the Board directed a letter to be written to the Committee asking them to receive a Deputation of the Board as to this matter.

Yours truly

Edward B Bennett


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