George Crawshay’s letter to Joseph Beck

Haughton Castle


Dec 14, 1884

Dear Mr. Beck

I send you a plan, duplicate of [xx] I have sent to W. Torrens by this post.  The pencil line shows the division I suggested in my first letter to you.

I hear from W. Torrens that you and he are only waiting my answer as to price before taking further measuring; but I must ask for a little time.  I hope you understand that I should not think of carrying on any other negotiation at the same time as this.  I only made up my mind to sell the day before I wrote to you.  I had written to my solicitor to negotiate a private sale, but it came across me that I should not lose a chance of saving the place from speculative builder, so I lithographed to stop my solicitor and wrote to you.  The questions I have to answer are not so simple as might appear and I am obliged to communicate in writing with my surveyors or with [x] my solicitor:  I have done so with both but as yet have received no opinion.

I hope this will find you and yours all well.  I had looked forward much to seeing you this winter, but although Mrs Crawshay is mending such a recovery as would enable her to travel is not as yet in prospect though not beyond any hopes.

Yours sincerely

G. Crawshay

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