George Crawshay’s letter to Joseph Beck

Haughton Castle


Nov 13, 1884

Dear Mr Beck

We had made our arrangements to come this month to the Park to spend the winter but Mrs Crawshay fell ill and, although there is now some improvement in her condition, it is not such as to afford any prospect of her being able to travel at present and we have therefore decided to spend the winter here.

This projected visit to Stoke Newington would however have been our last as I have now decided to put the place in the market.  I am much attached to it, but under all the circumstances this has now become my duty.

I have never heard from W. Torrens and were it not for the article in The Times of Sept 11th I do not know that I should have thought of reviving the subject of a public park.  I will however put to you this question –

Do you think any of the public bodies competent to purchase would be likely to listen to any proposition – say for the leasehold and house and grounds – a total of about 35 acres comprising the river and all the beautiful trees; the residue of say 19 acres being retained by me for building purposes?  What public bodies are competent?

Give our very kind regards to all your family.  I am now in good health and trust this will find you also in good health.

Yours sincerely

George Crawshay

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